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How Buying a Home Can Rescue a Dog

Buying or selling a home is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process for people and pets. Having a real estate broker who understands the desire to consider four-legged family members needs can make the process easier. Now imagine your broker understands that many beloved pets are animals rescued and given a second chance.

Lori Sciacero and Steven Lynn co-founded Brokers Supporting Pet Rescue. Their organization is a network of animal-loving Pacific Northwest Real Estate Brokers, with a vision to work with clients to create a positive impact for animals in need. BSPR, having recognized a clients interest in supporting local community based animal rescue organizations, designed a unique donation program aimed at creating a positive connection between rescue organizations and the funding needed to save a life.

BSPR is a proud partner of Northwest Boxer Rescue (NWBR) and the unique donation program which helps support life-saving rescue efforts. The program donates 10% of their commission on every home sale or purchase to rescue animal organizations and NWBR is privileged to be a partner in this unique program. Donations are made on behalf of their clients and average donation is between $1,000 and $3,000.

Working with a BSPR Broker is a seamless, impactful and simple way for a person to create a significant donation to support NWBR as part of aa home purchase or sale in the Pacific Northwest.

If you, a family member, friend or neighbor is looking to buy or sell a home and would like to create an opportunity for Northwest Boxer Rescue to rescue a boxer pup in need, learn how to find a BSPR Broker in your area here!

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