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We'd like to tell you about our Adoption Process. First, all of us at Northwest Boxer Rescue are volunteers and no one is paid. We do the best that we can to respond as timely as possible, but we also have dogs, children, spouses, jobs, families, and homes - just like you. So, please be patient with us.




The first step in being considered to adopt a boxer from us is to fill out our application online located under the "Adopt" tab. If you found one of our dogs on Petfinder, you still need to fill out our online application as that is only an inquiry.


It may take several weeks before we are able to get your application processed. During this time, please make sure that you contact your vet and references to let them know that we will be calling. We realize that our online application can be as stubborn as a boxer and sometimes cell phones won't let you complete the form. Once you have filled out an application a copy of this letter will be emailed to you, explaining our adoption process. If you have filled out the application and did not receive this letter within 24 hours, please send an email to us at:




Once your application has been reviewed, we may contact you by email or phone to verify information or ask for clarification.




If/when we have a boxer that would be a great fit for you and your family, we will call you and your references. At that time we will ask many questions and we hope you do too.




If you are approved, we will arrange a meet-and-greet. This gives all family members and pets a chance to meet. Please note: You and your family will be required to travel to where the dog selected for you is being fostered. We do not transport our dogs to potential adopters.




If the meet-and-greet goes well and all agree, the adoption paperwork is finalized and your new family member goes home with you that day. Complete the application by clicking here.




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