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Accessorizing Your Boxer

When I was a kid, our dog had a collar and leash and ate something that came in a big green bag from the grocery store.

These days, our dog has a collar, harness, two leashes, two coats, a t-short, boots, her own shampoo, bed, travel bag, dishes, bones and toys of all kinds and her food is prepared daily and is organic, grain free and made in a human grade kitchen. My how times have changed! And our dog is not one of the more “accessorized” pooches, nor has her style kept up with the latest trends. Along with the girth of frou-frou dog accessories, there are some really cool new products out there for our four-legged, furry friends! * Ecofriendly tees, sweatshirts, and neckties for the hip boxer are fun and cool, plus the company makes donations to rescue charities. Available at, $20-$40.

* Glowdoggie Illuminated LED Dog Collar. Who says the fun has to stop when the sun goes down? This waterproof dog collar ensures that your pet pal will be seen at all hours of day or night. These are the same dog collars uses by K-9Search and Rescue units worldwide, you can expect nothing but the highest quality. The LED will also last 17 years. $52.99 - $56.99 * Bamboo Hammock Dog Bed. Okay, I officially live this. It just looks too cool and hopefully with the hammock style, it would support dogs more freely without the hard floor or sore hips. What better way to get some great sleep than in a stylish bamboo constructed hammock? Equipped with a high quality, stain resistant suede cushion. $199 - $399, * Ruffwear Dog packs. Going on a hike? Camping? Boating? Your Boxer wants to go too!! Short hikes don’t require much, but for longer journeys it helps if your pooch can carry his/her own pack. Ruffwear makes saddlebags equipped with plenty of stash pockets for carrying everything from a leash to pickup bags and have reflective trim. Ruffwear recommends that you keep the gear at 25-30% of the dog’s body weight. Ruffwear also makes floatation vests. $79.95 - $149.95, Use Amazon Smile with NW Boxer Rescue chosen as your charity to give a kick back to our Boxers medical needs! * Bowser Dog Beer. Truly not necessary, but cool! The Pacific Northwest is home to a vast number of microbreweries, so what better accessory (though it comes from the Minnesota!). Don’t worry, its safe for your pup. The team at the Minnesota based 3 Busy Dogs created a special, non-alcoholic micro brew that has been bottled just for dogs. There are two meat infused flavors including Cock-a-Doodle brew and Beefy Brown Ale. * And of course, a great new product on our family’s wish list is the doggy water fountain! $40 includes shipping and $5 donated to NWBR! * The Doggie Doorbell. Our dogs have their own dishes, their own beds, their own toys, their own travel suitcases and now their own doorbells! Potty Bells, PoochieBells, and Might Paws Tinkle Bells all offer Doggie Doorbells from $10.00 - $16.00. The companies making these state that instead of barking, you train your pup to jingle the potty bells (hung on a handle of the door to their potty spot), giving your Boxer an easy way to communicate with you.

And for the human dog companions…* Benefit Wines offers Boxer Blend wines featuring pictures of NWBR alumni or upload your own pup's photo!

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