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The Other Place: A Vacation Spot For You and Your Pooch

“Where are you going on vacation?”

“To the Other Place.” “Which place?”

“The Other Place?”

“Other than what place?” “Hu? We’re going to the Other Place.”

“Who’s on Second?”

Okay, this wasn’t the exact conversation that my husband and I had with our family and friends, but it was pretty close. We were packing up our beloved boxer and ourselves and heading to the Other Place. Hearing about the Other Place from some friends with two Australian Shepherds, it sounded like an idyllic place to retreat with your pooch. And it was exactly that. The owners specifically designed it to be a place where pets and their families could vacation together.

The Other Place is owned and operated by Sheep Dung Estates. (This just keeps getting better doesn’t it?) Sheep Dung describes the Other Place as “a 500 acre ranch with four secluded and unique cottages that bring the outside inside, a pond, hiking trails and all the comforts of home. Full modern kitchens, woodburning stoves, spectacular valley views, telephone and television.” And now most of the cottages are equipped with WiFi as well! And best of all – pooches are welcomed!

The Other Place is located two and a half hours north of San Francisco off Highway 128 just south of Boonville, CA. It is close to wine country and restaurants with outdoor seating

to accommodate our furry family members. All of the cottages have about five acres of personal fenced wilds to secure our pups, who can often find big bones left behind by other dogs and great places to dig holes! The cabin we stayed in also had plenty of window seats and pads for your pooch to recline in, all they ask is that you bring a sheet to cover their down comforter (if your dog gets up on the bed) or an extra towel in the wet months to dry them off with. Upon our arrival, we found a bottle of local wine, local cheese and homemade dog treats.

Their website specifically says “dogs and children welcome!”) noticing that the children come after the dogs! Pricing is based on the time of year, day of the week and how many dogs or children are accompanying you. So if you are looking for a peaceful get-away for the whole family in Northern California, just look to or call them at 707-895-3979. We had a great time, I hope you will too!

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