Kim Hamilton

CEO, President

Many years ago I had my first encounter with a boxer, it was love at first sight. I had never seen such a beautiful and majestic dog like him before. I knew that someday I would welcome a boxer into my heart and my home. When we decided to add a second fur child it came as no surprise to my family that it would be a boxer. There was no doubt that we would be rescuing. My daughter is a student at CWU and she told me about a boxer rescue located in Ellensburg. That is how I came to know Christian and Heather and NW Boxer Rescue.

We adopted Bentley from NW Boxer Rescue on June 10th. I will never forget that day since it is the day my life changed for the better. I am so crazy in love with my goof ball. Since then we have also welcomed Amber in our hearts and our home. I could not imagine my life without these two wiggle butts. They truly rescued me and I am proud to be their human.

In today's world it is not often that you encounter someone with the passion, dedication and integrity which Northwest Boxer Rescue exudes. I am proud to be part of NW Boxer Rescue, because I believe that every dog deserves a warm and happy forever home, and I will do whatever I can to support the vision and drive that Christian founded this rescue upon.

Shanon Pettibone

Growing up I was always surrounded by boxers. In the home they would lifeguard our pool when we swam and sing along to movies when we came in to rest. When my own children were old enough to respect having a dog in the home, there was no question about what breed that dog would be. We brought home our first family boxer, Tucker, as a 6-week old puppy. He lived for years as the only dog and part of the family. Tucker helped take the kids to school, went everywhere with mom during the day and never missed out on a family trip. About the time we lost Tucker, the kids became adults and started moving on to their own life adventures. The house felt so quiet and I eventually decided it was time to adopt.


I had been following the NWBR Facebook page for quite a while and noticed we were in desperate need of fosters. I decided that rather than adopt I would volunteer for a bit. About a year later, 16 fosters and now two resident boxers, here I am. In addition to fostering I also work with our intake team, am the foster coordinator and currently manage our transports.


Since day one with this organization I have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people. I have made lifelong friendships and had the pleasure of watching so many dogs make their way through rescue to a happy beginning in their forever homes. We are all here doing this day-to-day for the love of the breed, in honor of those we have lost and to save the lives of those who need us. We could not do what we do without the team of volunteers we have. NWBR is touching the lives of new dogs and people each day and I could not be luckier than to be a part of such an incredible organization.

Shay Reed

Ten years ago I met my husband and his two pups, a black lab and a boxer named Sage. I have always been around dogs. My father’s family raised St. Bernard dogs and my mother’s family raised sled dogs.


Over the years, I have had all breeds of dogs, yet I had not fell in love with a breed as hard as I did when I met Sage.

A boxer’s expressive personality, passion for life, empathy for people and uncanny ability to forgive while sensing the good in humans, is something to cherish. I couldn’t imagine a life without a boxer.  When Sage started to wear out our black lab playing, we rescued a liter runt boxer as a playmate and named her Luci. A few years later, our lab passed, and we started stalking the NWBR Facebook page. I fell in love about 100+ times over a few months, and then could not live without a young boxer mix, whom NWBR graciously let him adopt us. We named him Jits and I was promptly told our “boxer barn” was full.


I couldn’t seem to stop watching the NWBR Facebook page and frequently saw the posts to volunteer. NWBR is all volunteer and eventually I could not resist. After volunteering I was immediately embraced and encouraged by the people I talked to. I was genuinely impressed by the love and passion of the volunteers. Fosters, fundraisers, transporters, record keepers, social media and all the volunteers moving with a mission to save boxers.

I am honored to work alongside the many talented NWBR volunteers. The goal is simple, save boxers. I have 3 best boxer friends and would have hundreds more if I could, yet can’t. The next best thing I can do is volunteer time and effort into saving and helping another person have a best boxer friend.

NWBR is a way for me to give back the incredible love provided to me by this breed and it is a privilege to work with an organization that embraces passion, quality care, training and responsible boxer ownership.