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Sardines? YUM! *recipe*

Raise your hand if your dog is a picky eater! Good, this recipe is for you! It’s also a recipe for you, who has: * the Boxer who’ll eat rocks - and thank you for them- if you put it in his bowl * the sick dog who doesn’t want to take her pill * the dog celebrating a birthday or milestone * the curiosity about a treat made with sardines This recipe is adapted from the good folks at The Honest Kitchen and it’s loaded with antioxidants. Try it, your dog will thank you (and clean the bowl!)

Ingredients: 1 tin of sardines (in water, no salt added) 1/4 c diced green beans (blanched) 1/4 c diced cucumber 1/4 c cottage cheese or Greek yogurt Directions: Dump sardines into medium bowl, mash up large pieces with a fork. Add remaining ingredients and mix well with large spoon. Spoon as much as desired* directly onto your dog’s food. Serve and watch how quickly it goes! Refrigerate unused portion and use within a few days. *Chef’s Notes on Serving Size: I put about 1/4 c of the salad on top of each dogs’ food and my guy weighs 73 lbs. Recipe courtesy of Smart Dog University

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