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Boxer Facts - Senior Boxers

The love of a senior boxer is beautiful thing. Boxer puppies are cute, and known for their endless energy but there is something very special about loving a “golden oldie.

seniors love the outdoors!

Senior boxers have a much more laid back disposition than their younger counter parts. That’s not to say they stop playing and being silly, any boxer lover will tell you a boxer has that personality for life. Seniors tend to be a little bit mellower, and a little calmer. In rescue we do get older dogs that need to find a new family and people can be hesitant to adopt an older dog.

Abby & Butkus are 2 of our adoptable seniors

There are a few things to know about adopting a senior dog of any breed. The first thing is to speak with your vet about picking a high quality food for you pet. The food they eat plays a big role in their health; there are a lot of options at all price points and its important to pick the best one for your furry friend. Exercise is very important, even for the older pups in the pack. Walks and exercise help keep your dogs weight in check and gives them (and you) a great cardiovascular work out. Older pets tend to be done exercising sooner than their younger counter parts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy hiking, swimming and playing like every other dog. Grooming your senior dog is also very important. Sometimes as Boxers get older they can get a little stinky. Make sure you keep their ears clean to prevent an over growth of bacteria. Boxers can have trouble with their teeth and breath. Speak with your vet about doing a teeth cleaning to help keep your pets oral health in check.

Seniors need homes too!

These things are small sacrifices to make for the love that a senior Boxer will bring to your home. Share a picture of your senior Boxer below.

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