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Boxer Facts - Vittles

Boxer facts – A history Lesson on Vittles the Boxer Boxers are a sturdy medium sized short hair breed. Known for high energy and a goofy nature they have been used by the military as working dogs for many years. The most famous military boxer was Vittles.

He flew on 131 air missions during the Berlin airlift with his owner 1st Lieutenant Russ Steber. Vittles was so popular that he would catch rides with other pilots and would hang around the hanger bringing a smile to all who saw him.

When General Curtis Lemay heard about this dog and how much he was raising the moral of the airman he demanded that a parachute be made for Vittles. Luckily he never had to use his parachute. It is on display at the National Museum on the United States Air Force. Here is a picture of Russ Steber putting Vittles parachute on a mannequin at the museum.

You can learn more about the museum here:

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