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5 West Coast Dog Parks that will Rock Your Dogs World

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California

Disclaimer: There are city dog parks, and then there are dog parks that span much larger than the typical dog park. These

large parks are intended to help your dog socialize, but more importantly get exercise and have a sense of freedom to run and play without the restriction of a leash. It’s important to note that dog parks aren’t for everyone; especially if you’re dog isn’t socialized, doesn’t play well with others or doesn’t listen to your commands. It’s expected that your dog will behave and play

well with others, so if that’s not the case with your pup a dog park isn’t the place to be. If your pet is a candidate for the large area dog parks, enjoy these park suggestions.

A dog park to a Boxer is what Disneyland is to children; fun, fun, FUN! It’s where the old and young, small and large, wild and

free go to let loose and play. Dogs run free, while owners congregate to talk-shop (or talk-dog, to be more specific) and share pictures of their dogs (we all do it). We love dog parks so much that we decided to map out some of our favorite parks in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California. Enjoy!


Marymoor Dog Park

Located on the North end of Lake Sammamish in Redmond, Washington, Marymoor dog park is the epicenter of all things fun! There’s a small waterway running along the dog park, multiple trails intermingling around the 640 acre land and a small coffee truck to help fuel the fun (with dog treats of course). This is the perfect place to run and/or socialize your Boxer.

Where: Redmond, WA (Seattle)

Address: 6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Parking: There are two parking lots, both require a $1 fee that must be paid in cash.


Thousand Acres aka Sandy River Delta

Calling it a ‘dog park’ is an understatement. This 1,000 acre playground is the “it” place for dogs in the Portland metro area. About 20 minutes outside Portland, this park is a little slice of heaven. Close enough to town, but far enough away that it feels like you’re getting out of the city. It’s connected to the Sandy River so your dog can swim or wade. Lot’s of park goers take their pups to the park to run (both human and dog). Unlike some dog parks, Thousand Acres allows horseback riders and bikers in the park as well, so be sure to have a leash handy if your Boxer is skittish around horses or bikes.

Where: Troutdale, OR (Portland)

Address: Exit 18 on I-84 near Troutdale

Parking: The designated parking lot gets full very quickly, but don’t let that deter you from going. Lot’s of people park outside of the designated area and walk in to the park.


Burke Park

Montana is known as the Big Sky Country because of it’s beautiful, wide open spaces. Naturally some of its dog parks reflect the nickname- One of those being Burke Park, Bozeman’s 40-acre dog park. Burke offers gorgeous views of the city, as well as endless trails for you and your dog to roam. The entrance of the park is marked with a large map complete with trail distances. There is no water or restrooms so plan accordingly.

Where: Bozeman, MT

Address: 600 South Church Ave. (Pete’s Hill)


Military Reserve Park

This isn’t just any dog park, t’s a 10-acre playground for dogs and humans that’s open from sunrise to sunset! The park is made up of different trails which makes it fun for both owner and dog to stretch their legs and get a little exercise. Pack some extra water to keep your pet hydrated, as there isn’t a water source in the park. Also, Military Reserve isn’t fenced so make sure to use precautionary measures if your Boxer likes to dart.

Where: Boise, ID

Address: Mountain Cove Road and Reserve Street

Parking: The Parking area is located up the stairs from the dog park.

Northern California

Point Isabel Dog Park

What do you call a dog park with a cafe, dog wash and views of the Golden Gate Bridge? Heaven on Earth… Or Point Isabel Dog Park in Richmond, California. This 23-acre park has it all. It’s got an area for your dog to cool off in the Hoffman Channel, as well as a dog wash, Mudpuppy’s Tub & Scrub to clean your pup off after his swim. The Sit & Stay Cafe is also located in the park making it easy to grab a cup of joe before heading out on your adventure. Park goers also enjoy gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Richmonds Inner Harbor.

Where: Richmond, CA

Address: 2701 Isabel St., Richmond, CA 94808

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