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We got the call to help!

We were contacted on Saturday March to help with Bella. This 5 yr old girl had torn her ACL, and because her owners couldn't afford surgery, they had taken her to their local vet clinic and surrendered her to be killed. The receptionist, Leslie, stepped in and took ownership of Bella. Emily, one of the techs, agreed to foster Bella until they could figure something out. Emily reached out to us for help. Their vet clinic doesn't do surgeries of this type, and the local specialist was estimating her surgery around $4500. And the clock was ticking, as Bella was in extreme pain. Our transport team jumped at the chance to help this girl, and on Tuesday, Bella was moved from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA. Dr Mayo did her ACL surgery on Wednesday at Greenwood Animal Hospital and on Thursday, she was in her new foster home being pampered. This is a great example of how quickly our volunteers and vets come to the aid of Boxers in need.

Her final bill was $2444. We were able to quickly provide for Bella's surgery because of generous donations from our supporters. Help us replenish our medical fund. Thank you volunteers, Leslie and Emily, Dr Mayo and all of our financial backers. You can set up a one-time or recurring tax deductible donation here.


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