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White Boxers

White boxers have become more popular in recent years and with that popularity there has been some misinformation about them. They are not Albino. They are white, that’s just the color of their fur. They can have patches of brown or brindle or can be white all over. They are thought to be rare, but that is another myth. White boxers make up approximately 20% - 25% of boxers. White boxers do not have more health problems than other boxers, all boxers can have issues with joints, heart issues, etc.

There is a slightly higher chance that they are deaf. It is estimated that 18% of white Boxers are

deaf, that includes partially deaf, as in one ear of completely deaf in both ears. They are trainable using other methods like hand signals. There are lots of websites and Facebook groups for deaf dogs of all breeds that share information and training tips for their deaf companions.

A lot of the mystery around white boxers started because breeders deemed them “lesser” because of AKC standards. But things are changing!

Lucky for these pups that people in rescue love all boxers, no matter the color and are helping to dispel the misinformation that has been floating around for years. Right now we have 3 white pups in our very own rescue Jack, Valentina and Cupcake are looking for forever home. Maybe that person they have been searching for is you! Can you open your heart and your home to a white boxer?

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