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What to do when your Boxer is missing

1. Respond QUICKLY! Most pets are located within 24 hours if you act immediately. However, the more time that passes only decreases the chance for a successful recovery. Gather friends, family or neighbors, print this out to read and delegate. Time is ticking! 2. Contact local area shelters immediately to file a missing pet report. Find out where they are located so you can go visit them in person to check and see if your pet is found, and don't forget to post to their Facebook pages too. 3. Make a flier with a current picture of your pet, and ALWAYS include city, state and your phone number. * Description of pet: example, "Lost Brindle Boxer" * Location pet was lost: example, "Woodinville, WA near Red Hook Brewery) * Animal details (male/female, age, color, size): "Female, 5yrs old, black with white paws, about 70lbs" * Contact info: example, "Call John at (302) 000-0000. Other important info (but keep it short): "Lucy was wearing a pink collar and is micro-chipped". Visit this site for an easy to use template for making a lost pet poster -- 4. Get out the word about your missing animal by writing a message on the back of a mobile billboard (the back window of a car) with glass markers -- This is a great way to alert the neighborhood as you are driving around searching or passing out fliers! 5. There is strength in numbers! Gather your friends and neighbors to spread out and pass the word: - Tag several vehicles with the markers as mentioned above to increase awareness. - Pair up in teams and split up the area to talk to neighbors - Visit local businesses to ask permission to post a flier. - Ask everyone to tell their friends. - Post a sign in front of your house so if someone finds your pet they realize where it is missing from. - Use community networking: does your homeowners or local development have an email list or website? Post your pet's info right away. - Designate a person who perhaps cannot go out on foot to be the online contact: they can help check the shelters listings for found animals, post on Facebook, and email the info to veterinarians and animal service businesses in the area. - Also select someone to serve as a phone contact; if you are out searching make sure the phone number you gave can be answered. Additional sites:


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