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Mushroom Warning

*** MUSHROOM WARNING *** 5 Common Mushrooms That Can Poison Your Pet Mushroom poisoning in pets may be underestimated. Mushroom species can be difficult to nearly impossible for even mushroom experts (called mycologists) to identify. That difficulty is compounded by the fact that little is known about the potential toxicity of many species. Mushrooms reported as edible in Europe have been associated with toxicity cases in North America and vice versa. Mushroom toxicity reportedly can vary depending on habitat and/or what other plants or trees are growing nearby. And many mushrooms can contain more than one poisonous substance. Toxicity also can depend on underlying health conditions in victims or on other substances they may ingest. And in our global economy, toxic mushrooms from other parts of the world that resemble species presumed edible in the United States have been imported to North America, further muddying the scene. To be safe, it's best to keep your pet away from ALL wild mushrooms. Any found in your yard should be removed promptly before your dog notices them. If your dog becomes ill or you suspect they have eaten a wild mushroom call your vet immediately. Place vomit or any bowel movements in a plastic bag for identification. This photo shows a handful of the most recognizable species of toxic mushrooms. Article courtesy of:


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