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Interview: A Foster Mom's Healing Touch

August 28, 2018


"Truly though, the best thing about fostering for me is healing the bodies and spirits of dogs who have been through some truly awful beginnings in life and watching them bloom."- Foster Mom, Jaime McLean, Olympia, WA




McLean Family Photos: Daughter Braelyn and Mom Jaime with their first foster, Ranger Danger, on his adoption day; the original "Crew" of McLean Canines; Lola; Chino Bean who passed in 2016; Monkey Puppy, our third foster; and Maizey, our first fully deaf foster.

What made you want to become a NWBR foster? 


I didn't actually plan to do it.  We had lost 1 of our 3 boxers at the time, our girl Bella was battling cancer, and our other boy Baxter was getting way up there in years.  I had followed NWBR on FB for a few years and came across a profile of a dog I fell in love with because he reminded me of Chino. I submitted an app to adopt him on a whim, but he'd been spoken for already. I was told at that time that foster homes were desperately needed in Thurston County (which is still true - hint hint!!) and would I consider fostering? I thought about it for about 5 minutes and decided to jump in because why not? I love dogs and love happy endings, so it seemed at least worth trying. I am so happy that I did and I have not looked back since. We have since lost Bella and Baxter, but were blessed to adopt our girl Lola through the rescue last year.    


Besides fostering, tell us about your life. What do you do for work? Do you have kids? Other dogs? What do you do for fun?


I am employed full time as a Category Manager for Harbor Wholesale Foods here in Lacey, and I have 1 almost 14yr old daughter who is very active with horseback riding and soccer.  We have 4 dogs of our own right now: Aussie Kelpie named Petey, two Shih Tzu's named JackJack and Gracie Mei, and my sassy 94 pound boxer girl named Lola. We also have two pet rats named Pickles and GusGus.  We have a very full and busy life but we juggle things just fine! 

How long have you been a foster? 


We have been a foster family since December 22nd, 2016. Seems like longer!  


How many dogs have you fostered? 




What’s your favorite thing about fostering? 


Helping skinny dogs get fat and healthy. (LOL) Truly though, the best thing about fostering for me is healing the bodies and spirits of dogs who have been through some truly awful beginnings in life and watching them bloom. I get to experience what I feel is the most pivotal part of these animals' lives and I take immense pride in helping them fulfill their potential and find their forever families. I have always been a passionate animal advocate and lover of all creatures. Fostering is just my small contribution to the betterment of a truly amazing species and breed.






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