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Protect Your Pup if You Pass

Nobody likes to think about it, but it’s always best to be prepared for the sake of those you love – both human and canine.

Pets often slip through the cracks, legally speaking, if an owner passes in the pet’s lifetime. As a result, it’s not rare or unusual for people to include their dog in their last will and testament to prevent the dog from being relegated to shelter limbo or worse.

According to MSU’s Animal Legal & Historical Center, celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Betty White have both made provisions for their pets in case of their untimely passing. What can you do?

These 6 printable, shareable info cards will help you make sure your pup is taken care of, just in case.

1. Talk To Your Friends And Loved Ones

Make sure you’re not the only one who knows your plan for your pup.

2. Keep An “Alert Card” On Your Person

Emergency personnel will search your purse or wallet, and an Alert Card will alert them to your pup’s situation.

3. Leave “In Case Of Emergency” Notices In Your Home

Should you have an emergency in your home, your pup might hide when rescue personnel arrive. These notices will ensure they know your pup is around.

4. Set Money Aside

It doesn’t need to be a million dollars, but do a serious assessment of how much money would be needed for a temporary caregiver to care for your dog for up to six months.

5. Talk To A Lawyer

For complete assurance that your pooch will continue to be pampered, contact an expert in your local law.

6. Find A Permanent Caregiver

Even if you’ve made arrangements with a lawyer regarding your last will and testament, that doesn’t determine the willingness of a third party to accept responsibility of your pup. Head over to to print/share the cards or drop Brandon a giant thank you for this useful information!

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