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Yellow Dog Project

Have you seen a dog with a yellow ribbon tied to his leash or collar? Like most people, you probably thought it was a fashion statement on the owner’s behalf. And while it’s eye-catching, there is a reason for it, and it’s one that everyone needs to know about.

The yellow ribbon is actually a warning to anyone who is coming into contact with that dog that it needs it’s space. In order to spread this important message, The Yellow Dog Project was created to educate the public on how to approach a dog you do not know. No one should assume that the yellow ribbons mean a dog is aggressive or will bite, it simply means that you need to proceed with caution. A yellow dog is any dog that is fearful with strangers, recovering from surgery, it could be a rescue dog who has not had sufficient training or socialization. It doesn’t matter the reason, all that matters is you give the dog the space it deserves. Really, though, you should always ask permission before you touch someone else's dog or come near with your dog.


When a dog is new to an owner, the yellow ribbon might be a great "getting to know you" tool. It's appropriate any time anyone adopts a dog because you're learning about that dog yourself, and the yellow ribbon can help you facilitate interaction with others. The yellow ribbon is not an escape clause for owner responsibility. It is still extremely important to work on training with your dog. Training is never a quick fix. It is a continual process that is important for responsible pet ownership, as well for the bond between owner and their dog.

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