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January 28, 2019

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January 28, 2019

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Boxer Breed

November 12, 2014


The Boxer is a very interesting breed in regard to color. Some breeds can have over 15 color combinations but the Boxer has only 3 distinct colors combinations. 

Is the base coat color in the breed, and may range in hue from a pale tan to a dark red, often called stag or deer red. (In some countries, these dogs are called "red" rather than fawn.)

Is actually a pattern. Stripes running through the coat (partial or full) is brindling. Depending on the exact color of these brindling pattern stripes, one may refer to a Boxer using one of the following terms (listed in order from a very light brindle to a heavy dark striping): Light - super light 
• Golden
• Fawn
• Red
• Mahogany
• Dark
• Reverse
• Seal - very heavy

Boxers who are completely white or mostly white with darker markings, considered a check boxer, are not acceptable for the show ring. Around the world between 10-25% of boxers are white, occurring most frequently where it is common to breed dogs with a high proportion of white markings (flashy) together.

The color of a Boxer’s coat makes no difference to its personality and the Boxer's natural ability as a wonderful friend and companion.

Content Courtesy of: dailypuppy.comallboxerinfo.com.

NWBR Boxer Models (below) are all "Available for Adoption": Rico, Jake(3), Jet, and Roxie.


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