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How To Be a Rescue Volunteer

This is a post for everyone. Current volunteers, former volunteers and for those of you wondering how to get involved with helping NWBR dogs and what it’s really like out here. Northwest Boxer Rescue needs you and we’ve learned some secrets on how to need it right back. 1. Try Different Things, Find What You Love. The secret to loving what you do is finding what you love. Social Media, Transport, Taking pictures, Playing matchmaker with adopters, Fostering? Do you want to be part of the community outreach program? The point is, the first thing you try isn’t always the one for you. And that’s okay! When you find the right fit, you’ll know it because far from being something you feel like you should do, you instead won’t be able to keep yourself away! 2. Know Your Limits, Set Your Boundaries. This means knowing how much time you can realistically give. Find that sweet spot where volunteering leaves you energized and excited to come back for more. If you feel yourself crossing into obligation, having a short fuse, or feeling overwhelmed don’t be afraid to pull back a little. 3. Ask Questions, Be Proactive. Volunteering anywhere can sometimes be a little confusing as you first get your footing. Ask about a volunteer guide, training, protocol, and rescue goals for the month/year. 4. Celebrate the Good Stuff. There’s a Lot of it. We are having amazing adoptions, beautiful volunteer moments, breakthroughs and huge improvements in behavior, wonderful medical recoveries, and all of the incredible everyday moments of canine and human joy. Celebrate them. Make it an event. Life-saving, care giving, real connections, and every single experience that creates beauty and joy in this world is a big deal. 5. Be an Ally. Create Community. It’s easy to see the animals when we’re volunteering but sometimes it’s harder to see the people. Camaraderie and a sense of teamwork can go a long way in making the rescue a warmer, more easily navigable place. See someone that could use a hand? Offer to help! Are you the one who needs a hand? Ask for one! No one can do it all. 6. Have Fun. Be Silly. Having fun and being silly are some of the best things in life, people!! Being part of a Boxer Rescue means dog slobber and poop and de-stuffed toys and things that are ridiculous and hilarious and wonderful.

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