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Sammy's Memorial Fund

For Neglected & Abused Boxers

One special dog has changed my life forever. This is Sammy’s Story….
It was the start of the long Labor Day weekend when I received a call from the local Sheriff’s office. She had just taken a 12 yr old female boxer into custody- a victim of owner neglect. This girl was too sick and would not survive a shelter, she needed care that only a foster home could provide. As a foster home for Northwest Boxer Rescue, I didn'’t hesitate for one moment to take Sammy. 
I had the Sheriff bring Sammy to me at my work. I was in complete shock and disbelief as I saw this sweet white boxer approaching that was basically a skeleton with fur. She was slow a…nd frail. The sheriff began to tell me the story …her owner claimed Sammy would not eat anything but watermelon. What?? 
I immediately fed Sammy some chicken and broth- she ate it all. I then realized, this girl WANTS to eat! So her owner basically was starving her!! I took Sammy to my vet that afternoon and everyone in the waiting room was in tears as we entered the building. Who would do such a thing to a beautiful creature? Why why?? Her medical records indicated she weighed 55 lbs when last seen in June. Sammy was a mere 36 lbs now. Blood work was done to rule out any other disease, such as cancer. The vet said, start feeding her a high protein diet. Blood work came back normal. So relieved, no cancer or underlying disease to cause her to lose the weight. Just pure owner neglect and abuse. 
I took Sammy home. I fed her every 2-3 hours, but small amounts, even middle of the night feedings. She was eating every bit of what I fed her. My stomach was nauseated at the thought of that person starving this dog to death!! My heart ached for Sammy…I made a promise to her that night, that I would not let her down, that she was safe and would be loved and never have to worry about starvation again.
I placed Sammy in bed with me and slept with my hand on her heart. I needed reassurance that she was still breathing. Every minute was critical in her survival. Oh please please sweet Sammy..fight fight! I kept having visuals of Sammy putting on weight and no longer emaciated, running and playing with the other dogs and sleeping on a warm bed at night. I knew from the moment she arrived that I was going to keep this girl, I could not let her go! She trusted me and I promised she would live out her days with me. I held her and kissed her and stroked her soft white fur. She seemed to be responding and was comfortable. Her breathing was still not strong, but we were making progress. I started to see a little “wiggle” in her nub and I was so excited! I never left Sammy’s side for 3 days, but on the morning of the 4th day, Sammy would not eat. I was in a panic. Come on Sammy, you have to eat! By evening, Sammy’s breathing became labored and shallow. I called a very good friend and we took Sammy to the Emergency Vet Clinic. While waiting in the examining room for the doctor, Sammy collapsed to the floor. I started to cry, what is wrong, please help her!! Sammy was put on a heart monitor and we were told that she was in heart failure. Her precious little heart was too damaged by the starvation. I spoke with NWBR and the doctor, we concluded it was time to let Sammy go, she had suffered enough. 

I spent the last few minutes with Sammy just holding her, petting her and telling her how sweet and beautiful she was and how much I loved her. I told her I was sorry that her human’s failed her. But I promised her a better life as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Run pain free my brave little girl and say hi to Sampson and Annie for me. 
I promise to tell your story and be an advocate to help change laws that allow animals the same rights as humans and not laws of personal property. 
You will always be in my heart, you will always be my sweet little wiggle butt …if only for a short while. You were mine. I love you Sammy. 
- Your foster Mommy.

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