Dog First Aid Kit PLUS Limited Edition Decal

Dog First Aid Kit PLUS Limited Edition Decal


This great ADOPT decal is exclusively yours when you purchase this handy first aid kit. Select from 7 colors below. (Sorry, no white option.) The first aid kit for your dog has the basics for minor emergencies. Inside the zip lock style pouch you will find:

• Triple Antibiotic Ointment (2)
• Hydrocortisone Anti Itch Crème (2)
• Wound Wipes (4)
• Gauze roll (1)
• Sterile gauze pads 2”x3” (2)
• Soothe A Sting Wipes (2)
• Non-adhere Wound Pad 2x3 (1)
• Butterfly Closures (4)
• Betadine Wipes (2)
• Oral Pain Relief Gel (1)
• Splinter Tweezers (1)
• Antihistamine Gel Cap 25mg (2)
• Anti-diarrhea Caplet (2)
• Tick Removal Key (1)


*pouch style is random, contents will be the same for all


Important Tips:

A dog first aid kit is for minor first aid issues and should be separate from the kit you keep with your emergency supplies. Learning basic animal first aid to care for your pet at home can prevent a minor injury from becoming more severe. Always call your vet if you are unsure what to do.

Be sure to check the contents of your dog first aid kit annually to evaluate its contents and confirm that your first aid kit is easily accessible. A basic first aid kit is a good start yet adding items to your kit that are specific to your dog, or to activities that you do with your dog is a good idea.